New Jersey Culture and Entertainment

New Jersey has a population made up of numerous different nationalities, and its fascinating culture and entertainment undoubtedly reflect that. Art I probably the one aspect of New Jersey's cultural scene that showcases a variety of influences. Readers can learn about the various art galleries and museums and will discover details about performance arts too. There really is no shortage of great entertainment in New Jersey, and fun-seekers should head to  Atlantic City and its famous Boardwalk. Liberty State Park should also be on the list of attractions, and nature lovers can explore the tidal salt marsh.

Online Casino Entertainment in New Jersey

8 Jun 2021

With New Jersey's authorities giving online casino operators a nod to carry out their business activities in the state, punters have an excellent way to pass the time, win money, and have fun. Some popular casinos in New Jersey include Caesar Casino, Tropicana, Virgin Casino, and Golden Nugget Casino.

Where to Go Clubbing in New Jersey

3 May 2021

Nightlife is part and parcel of New Jersey's culture. Here, clubbing takes place all year round. Some of the best nightclubs in this state include Premier Nightclub, Kix McNutley's, Porta, Jenks Night Club, Headliner, and Bar A. Others include Mandala and the Pool After Dark, among many more.

Things to Do in New Jersey

15 Apr 2021

New Jersey is one of the original thirteen states of the United States of America. It is on the East Coast of the country along the Atlantic Ocean. It is called the Garden State because of its fertile land.

New Jersey played a crucial role in the Revolutionary War. General George Washington outfitted his troops in colors in beige and blue. It later adopted these colors onto its flag.

Jersey it’s A Great Tourism Destination

Many tourists flock to this destination because of the broad range of activities the state offers. It offers both long and vast beach and ocean stretches and plenty of forest land for your pleasure. Travel is a great way to relax from work and other hobbies like your fx trading. Below are five experiences you should try when visiting the Garden State.

1. Explore the Forest and Cruise the Waters

Locals believe that the Jersey Devil burst into the Pine Barrens in 1735. The Monster was the thirteenth child of a bitter woman. Straight after being born, it flew up the chimney and vanished. The beast with goat-like features has been spotted flying through the Pine Barrens.

Pine Barrens is the perfect place for you if you are a brave adventurer who enjoys land and water-based activities such as:

  • Guided hikes
  • Nature and ecology tours
  • Guided and self-guided paddling
  • History and Culture Tours
  • Boat rentals

2. Try Out the Jersey Bourbon Trails

Jersey is not typically associated with bourbon. Recently, more distilleries are popping up and producing good quality liquor.

Check out Jersey Spirits and Silk City Distillers for a unique Bourbon tasting experience.

3. Visit the Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine

The Sterling Hill Mining Hill Museum is in Ogdensburg. It holds the most extensive collection of fluorescent rocks globally. The Museum was once a Zinc Mine. It was the only operating Mine in New Jersey before its closure in 1987.

You can see objects glow under ultraviolet light and electron beams. These forms of light show their glowing qualities. Be sure to check visiting times and dates as they vary from month to month.

4. Paranormal Museum

The Paranormal Museum is near the Ashbury Park Boardwalk. It honors the Garden State’s deep history of mystery. If you are intrigued by the unknown and the spirit world, this will be up your alley.

Here, you will find a collection of supernatural oddities such as haunted dolls and the Hand of Glory (a candle holder said to be made of a real severed hand). You can also take part in a tour of ‘’spirited’’ sites such as the SS Morro Castle and the Old Paramount Theater.

5. Grab a Bite at White Manor Diner

New Jersey is known as the ‘’diner capital of the world”. Many diners line the state’s roadways.

Indulge your taste buds and try out the White Manor Diner in Jersey City. This retro burger joint was dubbed the ‘’diner of the future’’ at the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens. Enjoy never-frozen beef burgers, breakfast options, sandwiches and soups at this famous venue.

A Place Like No Other

If you are looking for a unique and fulfilling experience, New Jersey is your best bet. Enjoy activities that you can only find in this great state.

Popular Sports to Watch in New Jersey

1 Apr 2021

New Jersey is known to entertain people in various ways, one of them being sports. Among the most popular sports to watch here include hockey, soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. With all these sports and many more, people in this state have a variety of entertainment options.