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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Auditions: Chatham Players' Tony Award Winning “Clybourne Park”

The Chatham Players will hold auditions for Bruce Norris’ Pulitzer Prize & Tony Award winning play, Clybourne Park on Monday, June 16th and Tuesday, June 17th at 7:30pm. All auditions will occur at The Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave.  Production dates are October 3 thru 18, 2014 with rehearsals to begin mid-June.

Winner of both the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, in addition to the Olivier Award and the Evening Standard Award, Clybourne Park is a response to Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun". The first act, set in 1959, is from the perspective of the Caucasian family moving out of the neighborhood, and the neighbors' concerns regarding an African American family moving in. The second act takes place 50 years later, during which time the Clybourne Park neighborhood has changed significantly, and a Caucasian family has decided to move into the house. Hailed by The New York Times as a "strong, ferociously smart play", it is both funny and provocative in dealing with issues of race and real estate.

Director John A.C. Kennedy seeks seven actors to fill out his cast. Auditions will consist of cold readings from sides provided in small groups. Sides and Auditions Form are available prior to the auditions. To access sides and form, please visit our website at .  

Character Breakdown

Russ (1959, Caucasian, late 40s or 50s), an easygoing, suburban husband and office worker, attempting to maintain a lid on extraordinary emotional pain.  The same actor plays Dan (2009), an affable construction worker.
Albert (1959, African-American, 30s), a responsible father of 3, eager to lend a hand and maintain easy, friendly relations.  The same actor plays Kevin (2009), smart, sharp, well-traveled and doing well at Capital Equities.
Karl (1959, Caucasian, 30s-50s), an oddly formal and uncomfortable-seeming man; a stickler for details, quite sure his vision of any situation is the clearest.  The same actor plays Steve (2009), smart enough to discern complex social patterns and landmines… but not smart enough to avoid stepping on them.
Jim (1959, Caucasian, late 20s, early 30s), a youthful Midwestern minister, eager to help his flock smooth over their difficulties and bury complications.  The same actor plays Tom (2009), a young, urban attorney, helping out the neighborhood coalition, but with a lot on his plate.
Bev (1959, Caucasian, late 40s or 50s, married to Russ), a suburban housewife who strives to choose the positive, ignore the negative and keep busy with projects.  The same actress plays Kathy(2009), a Real Estate Lawyer good with arcane details and proud to have risen to the level she has.
Francine (1959, African-American, 30s, married to Albert), Russ and Bev’s housekeeper, has been through a lot with the family and done what she had to, but is very ready to move on.  The same actress plays Lena (2009, married to Kevin), a life-long resident of the neighborhood with an appreciation of history… and a point or two to make.
Betsy (1959, Caucasian, late 20s or 30s, married to Karl), friendly, eight months pregnant and totally deaf.  The same actress plays Lindsey (2009, married to Steve), a well-educated, well-meaning, young, upwardly-mobile professional; also pregnant.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. Any questions, please call Leslie Reagoso at (973) 769-3886 or email her at For directions or additional information, please visit

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