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Monday, July 21, 2014

Algonquin Arts Theatre's 'Take A Seat' Campaign

Algonquin Arts Theatre invites the community to play a leading role in the installation of new seats as the organization continues to make improvements that will enhance the patron experience at the historic theatre.
Through the Take a Seat Campaign, individuals or organizations can sponsor a new seat, or seats, and become part of the history and vibrant future of the theatre. Proceeds will fund the new theatre seating to be installed this fall, facility improvements, and support high quality performing arts and education programming that brings more than 35,000 patrons through the doors each year.

A custom inscription chosen by each seat sponsor will be affixed to sponsored seats, and recognition for all contributors to the Take a Seat Campaign will be posted in the theatre lobby. A special celebration for all seat sponsors is being planned for the fall following the installation of the seats in September and October.

“The Algonquin has been and continues to be a big part of life in this community,” Algonquin Executive Director William Whitefield said. “The interest in sponsoring seats has been high, and our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the Take a Seat Campaign before the September installation begins.”

Seat sponsorships are available at the Director Level, a $500 contribution, and the Producer Level, a $1,000 contribution. As of the date of this release, 49 seats remain available at the Director Level, while 30 remain at the Producer Level. Opportunities are also available to sponsor wheelchair accessible locations. An Orchestra Center row of 12 seats can be sponsored for $10,000.

The theatre’s current seats date to 1938 when the Algonquin opened as a movie house. To maintain the theatre’s historic feel, the original row ends and arm rests will be refurbished and installed along with a new, more comfortable seat. The same company that provided the original seats to the theatre, Irwin Seating of Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be manufacturing and installing the new seats.

The seating will be reconfigured slightly to improve sightlines as well as to improve accessibility including the accommodation of additional wheelchairs at each of more than 100 events in the theatre each year.

To join the Take a Seat Campaign, please contact Teresa Staub, Chief Director of Development, at 732-528-4336 who can reserve the seats via phone and email or mail a form to fill out for the recognition plaque.

Forms are also available in the Algonquin Arts Theatre Box Office open 12-6 weekdays and 12-4 Saturdays at 173 Main Street, where a sample of the new seats are on display.(photo above is a stock picture).

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