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Monday, July 28, 2014

Auditions: Algonquin Arts Theatre Production of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’


Director: Gina Lupi
Musical Director: Vincent Zito
Choreographer: Samantha Amaral

Sunday, Aug. 10 – 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Aug. 12 – 7 p.m.
Wednesday, Aug. 13 – 7 p.m.

algonquin-arts-theatreLocation: Algonquin Arts Theatre’s Victoria J. Mastrobuono Studio, located at 173 Main Street in Manasquan (park on Main Street or behind the theatre at 60 Abe Voorhees Drive, Manasquan).


Algonquin Arts Theatre
Friday, Oct. 24 – 8 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 25 – 8 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 26 – 3 p.m.
Thursday, Oct. 30 – 8 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 1 – 2 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 1 – 8 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 2 – 3 p.m.
Note: No performance on Oct. 31

Please sign upon arrival and please prepare to sing 32 bars of music and bring your sheet music to the audition in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. Please also come prepared to dance.

AUDITION MATERIALS: Sides will be posted at a later date.

Music & Lyrics by Irving Berlin
Book by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields

From a story by Dorothy and Herbert Fields and featuring the lyrics and music by one of America's greatest composers, Irving Berlin, "Annie Get Your Gun" presents the story of sharpshooter Annie Oakley and her romance with Frank Butler, another member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The show has given us such hits as "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly," "Anything You Can Do," and the stage performers theme song, "There's No Business Like Show Business." As one song from the show tells us, "They Say It's Wonderful" and you're sure to agree after experiencing this fantastic show. Produced via special arrangement with Rodgers and Hammerstein.


Annie Oakley: This role will be played by Carter Calvert (Always Patsy Cline, Evita at AAT; Ain’t Nothing But the Blues (Broadway); Cats (Broadway National Tour).


Dolly Tate: Frank's lovely assistant in the Wild West Show. She is Winnie's older and overprotective sister. She is bigoted, ambitious, and mean-spirited. Her main role in life is to make everyone else miserable. She is jealous of Annie and goes to lengths to make her lose to Frank in the final show-down. She is over-the-top in her personality but is funny in her demeanor. (Age: 30-40 Alto)

Winnie Tate: Dolly's 17-year-old sister. She is in love with Tommy Keeler, who throws knives at her in his act in the Wild West Show. When they elope, Dolly is outraged and she has the marriage annulled because Winnie is underage. When Winnie turns 18, she and Tommy are reunited. (Age: 17 Soprano)

Jessie/Nellie/Minnie: Annie's little sisters who help out with the family's hunting business. Very proud of Annie and travels with her on tour. (Ages: 10 - 14 strong child singers/actors. Soprano/Alto)

Frank Butler: A suave sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. He enjoys his status of star and as a heartbreaker. He meets Annie and begins to fall in love with her until she shows him up. As her skills develop and his status is threatened, he becomes more and more sensitive. (Age: 25-45 Baritone)

Buffalo Bill Cody: Colonel William F. Cody is the owner of the Wild West Show. He is a former soldier and Indian scout who turned to show business. He has two stars (Frank and Annie) until Frank decides to go with the competitor. Buffalo Bill takes Annie on tour all over Europe but when finances dry up, he works to merge with the competitor and bring the two stars back. (Age: 45-70 Baritone)

Chief Sitting Bull: He is a Sioux warrior. He is a wise, older man who adopts Annie when he sees how well she shoots. He knows a good investment and once she joins the Wild West Show, he decides to put his money into show business. He is comical in a staid way; very dry sense of humor. (Age: 40-65 Baritone)

Tommy Keeler: Handsome young knife-thrower in Wild West Show. He is half Indian and half Irish. He is in love with Winnie and is willing to wait for her to turn 18 before they can be legally married. (Age: 19-23 Baritone)

Charlie Davenport: He is the manager of the Wild West Show. He runs around all the time and stays involved. He sets up each scene of the production. Good natured fellow who works hard to please everyone. Dolly tried to "snag" Charlie when it becomes clear Frank is with Annie. (Age: 30-45 Baritone)

Little Jake: Annie's little brother who helps out with the family's hunting business. He is very proud of Annie and travels with her on tour. (Age: 8 - 10, strong child singer/actor)

Pawnee Bill*: He is the shrewd owner of a competing western show. He hires Frank when he leaves Will Bill's show. Although they have a lot of shows on their tour, their profits are being eaten up by fees. In the end, he is willing to merge the two financial-suffering shows to make one successful one. (Age: 40-65 Baritone)

Foster Wilson*: Owner of the Wilson Arms Hotel. He doesn't want the Wild West Show to set up and take over his hotel. Frank offers him $100 if Wilson can find a challenger who can outshoot Frank. Wilson "discovers" Annie and convinces her to challenge Frank in the sharp-shooter match so he can collect the bet. Gentle with children, he is a nice, hard-working man. Sings one song with Annie and the kids. When Annie wins the challenge, he pays her $5, as promised. (Age: 45-70 Baritone)

*The roles of Foster Wilson and Pawnee Bill may be played by the same actor

Ensemble - Cowboys/Cowgirls/Indians: These folks add flavor and depth. They perform as the Roustabouts and other performers in Wild Bill's Wild West Show who set up the various scenes. (Age: Various ages and various vocal ranges).

Looking for:

- 4-6 strong female and 4-6 strong male dancers who sing well

- 4-6 strong female and 4-6 male singers who move well


Mac: He is the prop man in the Wild West Show. He carries on props and other supplies needed by the performers in the show. (Age: 18-30)

Running Deer: He is one of the Indians who travel with the Wild West Show. (Adult)

Eagle Feather: He is one of the Indians who travel with the Wild West Show. (Adult)

Dining Car Waiter: Employee on the Overland Steam Train. (Adult)

Sleeping Car Porter: Employee on the Overland Steam Train. (Adult)

Messenger: Employee on the Cattle Boat. (Adult)

Can-Can Girls: Appear in the pantomime when Wild West Show is on tour in Europe. (Age: 18-25)

Young Men & Young Women: These are guests (dancers) who are at the Ballroom in the Hotel Brevoort in NYC. (Age: 16-30)

Band Leader: This is the person who directs the band as well as announces the guests as they arrive at the big party at the Hotel Brevoort in NYC. (Age: 25-70)

Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter: A socialite at the party at the Hotel Brevoort in NYC. She arrives with Pawnee Bill (Age: 35-60)

Mrs. Schuyler Adams: A socialite at the party at the Hotel Brevoort in NYC. (Age: 35-60)

Photographer: Takes pictures of Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill when they agree to the merger of the two shows. (Age: 20s)

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