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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Call To Support The Company Theatre Group’s Semi-Annual Fundraising Drive

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“It's that time again...our semi-annual fundraising drive.  And, we hope you'll consider: A Tax-Deductible Donation to: The Company Theatre Group, Inc.

Your generous contribution will help ensure that we can continue to bring theatre to the community for the remainder of 2014. Your gift also will help ensure that we can continue to give free tickets to local senior centers and other groups who could not otherwise see live theatre.  And, now for the first time, your donations will help us teach young actors at our new school!!!

(If you are or have a young aspiring actor please be sure to check out our website for classes beginning Aug 11th.)

You can donate on their website:

“No contribution is too small.”

And, please consider asking your place of employment for a matching grant for whatever amount you can donate.  Every penny will be put to good use!!!

Thank you so much!  We cannot do this without your continuing support.”

Lou Scarpati

Managing Artistic Director,The Company Theatre Group, Inc.

a non-profit 501c3 company

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