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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s ‘The Learned Ladies’ An Outdoor Treat

Theatre Under the Stars with The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Alison Weller, Marion Adler, and Susan Maris in The Learned Ladies
(c) Jerry Dalia

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey presents productions in their Outdoor Stage on the campus of the College of St. Elizabeth in Morris Township each summer. You can picnic outdoors (hibachi, if you like!) and then see a fun, fast paced version of a classic piece of theatre. Now through July 27, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is presenting a later piece by Moliere, the master of satire, titled, The Learned Ladies.

For more information on the production and the upcoming programs for the Fall, go to

Chrysale (John Hickok) and Philaminte (Marion Adler) facing off over their daughter’s marriage contract as the Notary (Felix Mayes, center) and Belise (Alison Weller, background) look on. (c) Jerry Dalia

The Learned Ladies is currently in production until July 27, 2014

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