Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Auditions: ‘Three Musketeers’ at Chatham Players

3 m

Chatham Players Seeks Actors for Ken Ludwig’s Swashbuckling Play, “The Three Musketeers”

The Chatham Players is very excited to announce auditions for Ken Ludwig’s take on Alexander Dumas’ timeless adventure “Three Musketeers,” a swashbuckling tale of heroism, treachery, honor and fun. Auditions will be on Monday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 10 at 7pm. All auditions will occur at The Chatham Playhouse 23 North Passaic Ave. Production dates are May 1 thru 16, 2015 with rehearsals to begin late February. Mike Burdick is directing with Scott Kerns as Fight Choreographer.

Witness the rise of young d'Artagnan and his feisty younger sister Sabine, as they befriend the famous Three Musketeers: Athos, Porthos and Aramis and set out to protect the King and Queen of France from the evil treachery of Cardinal Richelieu and the Countess de Winter. Audition Form & Sides are available at and will be provided at auditions.

Character Breakdown (8m/4f with doubling – not all characters are listed)

D'Artagnan (Male, stage age 18-22) – His ultimate dream: to become a Musketeer. Idealistic, brave, great with a sword. But, leaps before thinking, inexperienced in life and death situations, naïve in the ways of the world.

Athos (Male, stage age 28- 40) A courageous, legendary swordsman, possessing the heart of a warrior and high principle. Also, a man with a past – regret haunts him.

Porthos (Male, stage age 25-35) A larger-than-life lover of women, drink, food, clothes and fighting – an unorthodox fighter who smiles in the face of overwhelming odds.

Aramis: (Male, stage age 25-35) Constantly trying to atone for his sins, while continuously being tempted by the sin the flesh. Hot temper that flares in an instant.

Cardinal Richelieu (Male, stage age 40-55): The ultimate evil politician. Technically subservient to the King of France, but has his own power base. Dark and manipulative.

Rochefort (Athletic Male, stage age 30+) Richelieu’s top henchman. Physically scarred, with a distinct ruthlessness and dangerous ability.

King Louis (Male, stage age 22 - 32): Moody, relatively self-consumed, entitled but doesn’t like to make waves. When things get personal, he will hold his ground, but would rather be enjoying a good party.

Sabine (Female, stage age 17-21) The younger sister of d’Artagnan. Feisty, bright, possesses great fighting ability, looking to embrace a world of adventure.

Countess (Milady) De Winter (Female, stage age 25-40) Evil, beautiful, brilliant, precise, calculating, treacherous, and a master of disguise. Driven by a dark thirst for revenge.

Cosntance Bonacieux (Female, stage age 18-22) Queen Anne’s loyal, virtuous Lady in Waiting. d’Artagnan’s love interest and the purest character in the play.

Queen Anne (Female, stage age 22-28): An unhappy queen, stuck in a political marriage and in love with another. Likes the King, though, and will defend him against Richelieu.

Additional Roles: Several of the principal actors will also be double cast. In addition, we will also be looking for a number of actors who are always up for a good fight!

Note about Swordplay Experience: While fighting experience is always a plus and the fights are essential to the story, it is more important that we find actors that are athletic enough to do the fights and are ready to try new things.

The Chatham Players have an open call casting policy. ALL roles are open, none are precast, and everyone is encouraged to audition. Any questions, please call Leslie Reagoso at (973) 769-3886 or email

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