Friday, April 17, 2015

50/50 Applause Award for Theatres Recognizing Women Around the Globe

 Today, the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP) announces the nomination window for its prestigious annual award: The ICWP 50/50 Applause Award. The award, now in its fourth year, honors theatres and artistic directors whose 2014/15 season included an equal or greater number of female playwrights in ratio to male playwrights produced.
The nomination period for the 2014/15 theatrical season runs from May 1–21, 2015. 

Requirements for eligibility for the award are listed on this web page: 
2014/15 season awards will be announced in September 2015. Theatres and artistic directors may self-nominate. 

The public is encouraged to nominate any theatre which meets the criteria for the award, and we ask you to share this information with your theatre friends everywhere in the world! Start verifying information now, and be ready to submit when the nomination window opens May 1st! For information on 2013/14 recipients go to

Established in 1989, The International Centre for Women Playwrights is a an organization that exists to bring attention to the achievements of women playwrights and provide a place for peer support, knowledge-sharing, and play publication. It is the goal of ICWP to enable women playwrights to have their plays professionally produced on the major stages of world and to receive just recompense for their efforts. When the numbers are no longer tragically skewed against women, we will no longer be needed. We work for that day!

Nominations Open May 1st

The International Centre for Women Playwrights 50/50 Applause Awards increases awareness and applauds theatres who produced a season with an equal or greater number of plays written by female playwrights. This award will be given to theatres internationally who have met the qualifying criteria.

To be eligible for the 2015 International Centre for Women Playwrights 50/50 Applause Award a theatre must meet the following conditions:
  • At least 50% of the plays produced during the year must be the work of female playwrights.
  • At least 50% of the total number of performances during the season must be the work of female playwrights. (Nominated theatres will be asked to provide this information.)
  • All productions between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015  will be included.  
What is eligible within a season?
  • Musicals with a book by a woman
  • Full-length shows (70 mins or more)
  • Puppet theatre
  • Multi-media theatre
Who is NOT eligible?
  • Festivals
  • Development programs, including workshops, labs, colonies and retreats
  • Theatres that only produce women’s work or have the promotion of women artists as part of their mission
What is NOT eligible within a season?
  • Devised work
  • One act festivals or shorts festivals
  • Special Events
  • Readings and staged readings
What is the process?
  • Nominations will be open May 1-May 22, 2015 through an online nomination form. ANYONE can nominate a theatre.
  • The Awards Committee will contact all theatres for further qualifying information. Information will be due July 13, 2015.  If a theatre does not submit the additional information, they will be disqualified from consideration.
  • Recipients will be announced in September 2015.


Q: I want to nominate a theatre but I’m not sure if their season was 50/50. How do I find out?
A: Look on their website, consult programs you might have saved or contact the theatre directly.  Keep in mind we are nominating for the 2014-2015 season. 
Q: How do I get information about the award in another language?
A: You can contact Elana Gartner or Kris Bauske, Co-Chairs of the Awards Committee, at
Q: I am the artistic director of a theatre. Can I self-nominate?
A: As long as your theatre meets the requirements, yes.
Q: What does a theatre get if they are awarded the ICWP Applause Award?
A: The ability to show your patrons and funding sources that your theatre has been celebrated by an international group of women playwrights.  Your theatre will be highlighted on the ICWP website with the other recipients and you will have an opportunity to participate in our 50/50 Applause Awards Celebration video. Additionally, you will receive an award  logo to be used on your website or other marketing materials as you deem appropriate.
Q: One or more of the plays produced in the season has multiple writers.  How is this play counted for the percentage?
A: If the majority of writers is female, it counts as a work written by a female playwright.
Q: Do lyricists count in musicals?
A: No. Just book writers.
Q: A theatre did a short festival that focused on women’s plays. How does this work when calculating the percentage?
A: We appreciate that theatres are producing festivals of women’s plays. However, festivals are not eligible for consideration for this award.
Q: Is there a geographical limitation to nominees?
A: No. We are an international organization and we will consider all theatre companies throughout the world that meet the qualifying criteria.
Q: Why are women’s theatres not eligible?
A: With this award, we hope to raise awareness with theatres and their patrons about producing women playwrights equally with their male counterparts. Therefore, theatres whose mission it is to produce only women’s work are not eligible as they do not produce men’s work.
If you have further questions, please contact Elana Gartner or Kris Bauske at

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