Saturday, April 18, 2015

Live theater etiquette reminders from theater reviewer Ruth Ross


ruth_head_shot “Can I share a pet peeve about audience members at a theatrical production?

Please do not lean forward in your seat; the person behind you cannot see.

Please take children to see age-appropriate shows or at least prep them beforehand. A little girl sitting in front of my friend at "Finding Neverland" was supremely bored (shifting in her seat, stretching her arms out, sitting forward) probably because she had no idea who Peter Pan was.

Please do not bring food in crinkly bags into the theater and continue to stick your hand in the bag throughout the play. You can go without food for over an hour until intermission. The noise is distracting.

Please do not waggle your head from side to side constantly; you are obstructing my view.

And please put your cell phone away; the light annoys me. You can tune out for 2.5 hours. The world will still go on without you.

Oh, and I would suggest that you refrain from applauding after every musical number; this is a play with music, not a concert. Everything stops when you clap, thus holding up action onstage, or if dialogue does continue, I cannot hear it.

Just some theater etiquette. Live theater is very different from watching a film in a theater, at home or on your iPad.”    Ruth Ross (njartsmaven.com)

Do you have any additional pet peeves?

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