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Jersey City Children’s Theater to Perform at 12 Parks in July

world play

World Play Adventures From Around the Globe at TWELVE Jersey City Parks in July

Performances for children 3 to 103 years. July 11th-26th. FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

            Jersey City Children’s Theater is proud to announce their second annual PLAYS IN THE PARKS TOUR, World Play: Adventures From Around the Globe. The company’s eleventh production hits the road as JCCT expands last year’s tour from 4 to TWELVE area parks.  JCCT has reached audiences and taught classes to more than 13,000 members of the Jersey City Community since they opened in March 2011.

World Play: Adventures From Around the Globe will feature original Story Theater adaptations of “Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire” (Choctaw), “The North Wind and the Sun” (Greece), “The Four Dragons” (China), “The Singing Monster” (Kenya), and “Why The Bananas Belong to the Monkeys” (Brazil). As is always the case with JCCT productions, a post-performance interactive story theater workshop will be offered where young audience members are invited to act out and re-imagine parts of the show with the cast. JCCT is committed to providing high quality professional theater to the community, as well as theater instruction for all ages, in a fun, creative and educationally enriching environment.

JCCT is an emerging member of the New Jersey Theater Alliance, a parent organization of New Jersey’s professional theaters.

Jersey City Children’s Theater is also committed to making the arts accessible to youth and families regardless of financial means, aJersey City kidsnd launched Plays in the Parks in 2014 to serve that mission.  Partnering with the Jersey City Parks Coalition, PLAYS IN THE PARKS is made possible by generous donations from SILVERMAN and the Daedalus Foundation as well as Hudson County Cultural and Heritage Affairs LAP grant and Jersey Community Development Block grant

            “We are SO excited to be back in the parks and to serve more parts of Jersey City that just downtown. We live in a big, vibrant and diverse city, and with so much recent focus on development, it is important to serve those that made us who we are.  With World Play JCCT celebrates cultural diversity and what a better place to do it than our home: Jersey City. In the show we travel to China, Brazil, Greece and Kenya.  We will also celebrate the Choctaw nation of Tennessee and Mississippi with “Grandmother Spider.”  It is such beautiful full ensemble show with amazing live music, more than any of our past productions. We are also thrilled to have two teen emerging artists in this show, Noah Dunton(High Tech High) and Melodee Sampson(Snyder High School), who have brought amazing energy to the ensemble. World Play is filled with your kid’s favorite stories from our classes and from what they have shared with us.   It is pure joy!” says Kathy Hendrickson, Artistic Director of Jersey City Children’s Theater.

Performance Specifics:


Bayside Park (7/11) 1pm

Columbia Park (7/11) 3:30pm

Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market (7/12) 1pm

Lt. Grover Park (7/12) 3:30pm

Arlington Park (7/18) 1pm

Ercel Webb Park (7/18) 3:30pm

Harsimus Cemetery (7/19) 1pm

Pershing Field (7/19) 3:30pm

Leonard Gordon Park (7/25) 1pm

Washington Park (7/25) 3:30pm

Hamilton Park (7/26) 1pm

Van Vorst Park (7/26) 3:30pm

Including acting and Story Theater exploration workshops for the whole family!

For More information visit our website:

About Jersey City Children’s Theater

 jcct            Jersey City Children’s Theater is a production and educational theater company using the seminal works of Neva Boyd, Viola Spolin and Paul Sills as its foundation. Boyd, Spolin and Sills believed in the power of focused play and theater games as perfect portals to direct experience, both onstage and in life. JCCT presents Story Theater (a narrative theatrical form, developed by Sills in the 1960s) performances and workshops to diverse youth audiences locally and nationally.

The award winning Actor/Educators with Jersey City Children's Theater have all worked directly with Sills, Spolin and/or Carol Sills (Paul Sills’ wife, who does annual workshops directly with JCCT), are industry professionals working both on and off-Broadway, in film and television, and have over 100 years combined conservatory teaching experience.

In addition to presenting original adapted work of classic fairy tales, fables and folklore, JCCT has worked with teaching artists and performers from Colombia, India, Norway, Turkey, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. Jersey City Children's Theater currently partners with dozens of New Jersey and New York schools and organizations developing community-specific enrichment programs both during and after school. 

Since opening its doors in March of 2011, JCCT has served over 13,000 students and audience members, bringing the highest quality of theater performance and education to the community. A 501c3 not-for-profit, the company receives funding from multiple foundations, business partners and government agencies including The Geraldine Dodge Foundation, The Daedalus Foundation, SILVERMAN, The City of Jersey City, Bank of America, Hudson County Office of Heritage and Cultural Affairs, as well as from a large number of faithful donors.  Jersey City Children's Theater hosts its home main-stage season at Jersey City's Historic Barrow Mansion, presents a touring company: Plays in the Parks in cooperation with the Jersey City Parks Coalition, holds panels on education and arts, and offers numerous theater classes to both youth and adults.

Jersey City Children’s Theater believes “The Play Must Go On!”

Kathy Hendrickson, Artistic Director Jersey City Children's Theater at Historic Barrow Mansion 83 Wayne Street Jersey City, NJ 07302  201-290-9202

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