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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Auditions: ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ at Dover Little Theatre

Auditon One Flew


by Ken Kesey

directed by Michael Jay

A mordant, wickedly subversive parable set in a mental ward, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” chronicles the head-on collision between its hell-raising, life-affirming hero Randle Patrick McMurphy and the totalitarian rule of Nurse Ratched. McMurphy swaggers into the mental ward and turns the place upside down, starting a gambling operation, smuggling in wine and women, and egging on the other patients to join him in rebellion. But McMurphy's revolution against Nurse Ratched and everything she stands for quickly turns from sport to a fierce power struggle with shattering results.

performance dates: January 15 - 21, 2016


  • October 25, 2015
  • October 26, 2015
  • callbacks October 28, 2015

13M / 4W

  • Chief Bromden (M, 30-60. Native American. tall/strong)   Apparently deaf and dumb, is paranoid and has hallucinations; has been in the hospital longer than anyone.
  • Randle McMurphy (M, 30-50)  Dominant force challenging the establishment; the ultimate savior of the victimized patients.
  • Dale Harding (M, 30-50)  College-educated patient. Helps McMurphy understand the hospital’s realities.
  • Billy Bibbit:(M, 18-30)  Dominated by his mother; afraid of the outside world; close friend of Nurse Ratched; in the hospital voluntarily.
  • Charles Cheswick (M, any age)   First patient to support McMurphy but too timid to stand on his own.
  • Martini (M, any age)  Delusional, has hallucinations, but included in card games with the other patients.
  • Ruckly (M, any age)  Botched lobotomy. Spends much of the play hung up against the wall, swearing.
  • Scanlon (M, any age)  Has fantasies of blowing things up.


  • Nurse Ratched (F, 35-55)  Head of the hospital ward; the play's antagonist; former army nurse. Rules with an iron hand; masks her humanity and femininity behind a stiff, patronizing façade.
  • Doctor Spivey (M, any age)  A mild-mannered doctor, as easily cowed and dominated as the patients.
  • Aides Warren andWilliams (M, any age) Hospital aides. Warren and Williams are Nurse Ratched's daytime aides.
  • Mr. Turkle (M, 40-60)   Night orderly; kind to Bromden, helps with the night time ward party.
  • Nurse Flinn (F, 20-30)


  • Candy Starr (F, 20-30)   A beautiful, carefree prostitute.
  • Sandy (F, 20-30) Another prostitute.



Dover Little Theatre  69 Elliott Street, Dover NJ 07801

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