Friday, October 9, 2015

Exciting non-traditional video project from Jeff Jackson seeks backers!


Special project from Jeff Jackson seeks financial backers. Be a producer!

Imagine a thriller... a horror film... the kind that really gets under your skin... gives you goosebumps... now picture it online, within an immersive, interactive experience. That's Daemon 9 — a completely new and fascinating experiment in storytelling.

The characters speak to you... maybe even call you by name... they communicate with you via texts and emails and Skype-like chats and video messages.

It begins with an inexplicable murder and spirals downward from there into a mystery that touches on the occult, geopolitics, and dark forces both human and inhuman.

It's not a game... though at times it will seem like one. It's not a movie... thought at times it will look like one. It's not real... but at times it will feel like it is. See it through to the end and you'll win a prize. The prize...?

You get to live.

Gloria Cast includes: Frank Blaeuer, Zach Catron, Howard Fischer, Jeff Knapp, Gloria Lamoureux photo, Dale Monroe, Ruth Morley, Chris Mortenson, and Eric Rolland.


So does everyone experience something completely unique with Daemon 9?

Essentially, yes. There is a common story arc and characters, but you have to find your own way through it, so almost no two people will experience it in exactly the same way.

What is the running time?

The filmed sequences all add up to about the equivalent of a feature film, but you can't sit down and plow through Daemon 9 in one sitting, even if you wanted to. Sometimes you have to wait for certain things to happen or information to be received before you can move on. Getting through the whole thing will likely take a couple of weeks, if not longer.

Looks like Daemon 9 depends on people freely sharing their personal info, like mobile number and email address. Won't people be wary of that?

At the point where that info is required, visitors will be CLEARLY assured that their information is stored securely and encrypted and that it will never be sold to spammers or used in ANY way outside of Daemon 9. (Credit card info will NEVER be stored by us, and will be processed through a trusted 3rd party service such as PayPal.) Some people might still balk at the idea, but we share our info with so many sites these days that offer no such reassurances, that we feel that people's interest in the experience will win out, especially with our security guarantees.

What does it cost?

Daemon 9 will be offered for a one-time price of $19.99. There will be no ads, no subscriptions, and no up-selling within the experience. The only possible additional costs are low reset fees should you fail at your objective and want a reboot. BUT -- if you're a Kickstarter supporter, you get unlimited FREE resets.

What do you need the funds raised on Kickstarter for?

90% of our video content has been shot, and the system architecture is completely designed. But there are still formidable launch costs ahead, including Programming (est. $30K); ISP Dedicated Hosting/Security ($20K); and Marketing (est. $50K).

When are you anticipating its full release?

We're projecting an April 1, 2016 release date.

Is there a mobile app?

There's no app for two reasons: 1.) Daemon 9 doesn't happen in any one place. It's spread out over the web. You have to find your way through it across various sites. And 2.) the experience is greatly enhanced by screen size, audio, and concentration -- the kind that you tend to experience more intensely in a private environment.

Aren't you kind of giving away the mystery here?

We feel we have to a little bit for the benefit of our Kickstarter supporters so they know what they're backing. But once the final product is released to the general public, it will shrouded in a "veneer of reality" that will make it uniquely thrilling.

What's the significance of the title? Why "Daemon 9"?

That's for you to find out.


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