Friday, February 12, 2016

Jimmy Durante tribute show with Grover Kemble at the Bickford one night only

My Dear Friends- I have a really special favor to ask.... It's simple...I'd like you to come to my special Jimmy Durante tribute show called "Durante" on Monday evening Feb 29th (Leap Year) at The Bickford Theater (The Morris Museum) in Morristown. 

This show has been a major part of my performance schedule this past year. This particular date is the pinnacle show of it's year long run. I would say if you haven't yet seen it....please see it now ...yes please come to this performance! 

I spent well over a year preparing this entertaining concept show around the life, music, and special comedy of the icon late performer Jimmy Durante. It's simply a blast doing it and I do believe you will enjoy the efforts me and my two cohorts Regan Ryzuk (piano) and Tim Metz (Bass) have put into this delightful story. 

Please take a look at the flyer here that I've attached for all the particulars and I really hope my friends and fans will make this a special night. The Bickford is a beautiful little theater and we will be filming that evenings performance for some prospective very interested parties. Please help us make this the best performance we can and grace us with your presence.....I know, I know...it's February, it's cold, and it's on a Monday... but I sincerely do believe you'll be glad you came AND you'll really be helping us out this time.

Thank you! Very Sincerely,
Grover Kemble

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