Tuesday, February 23, 2016

'Sister Play' starts second fun weekend at Dreamcatcher with Laura Ekstrand and Jessica O'Hara-Baker

The fun has begun. Don't miss it! 
 ""I saw Sister Play last evening and just have to let you know-it was TERRIFIC!! I've been to Dreamcatcher shows before but this is my total favorite! The actors were amazing!! Loved it - I'm telling everyone to go!"

- an enthusiastic audience member

SISTER PLAY- February 18- March 6, 2016
It's hard growing up, no matter how old you are.

Anna will do anything to make her sister Lily happy, including destroying all her relationships. When Lily, Anna and her husband Malcolm retreat to their late father's cabin in Cape Cod, they expect to relax, unwind and take stock. But when a charming but shadowy drifter enters the picture angling for Lily's heart, their pilgrimage takes a surprising turn.  

"SISTER PLAY is why live theater can be so remarkable. You don't soon forget a play like this." 
-Stark Insider

"She asks me what it's like outside and I tell her that it's cold, even if it's not. I want her to wear a coat, she doesn't take care of herself, and I know that she's gonna wear one less layer than I tell her to because she wants to provoke me. So it's a beautiful Fall day and I say it's actually kind of chilly because I don't want her exposed to the cold.
Which isn't even there."

- Anna, speaking to her husband, Malcolm, about her sister Lily
$35 adults, $30 seniors 65+, $30 students 25-. Buy in advance; no fees!

You can purchase your tickets right now by clicking here:

 Make sure to use your 10% discount code when purchasing tickets: SISTER3   
Cast: Clark Carmichael, Laura Ekstrand, Jessica O'Hara-Baker, Jason Szamreta

     Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre
Oakes Center  *  120 Morris Avenue  *  Summit, NJ 07901

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