Friday, May 6, 2016

'City of Angels' Opens Tonight! at Kelsey Theatre at Mercer

The News is Out!
City of Angels Opens Tonight!

City of Angels
The Musical 
Book By Larry Gelbart
(creator and producer of the hit TV show M*A*S*H)

Music by Cy Colmen
(Sweet Charity; On the Twentieth Century; Barnum; The Will Rogers Follies)

Lyrics by David Zippel(Disney films Hercules and Mulan; The Goodbye Girl; The Woman in White)
View the Promo video for City of Angels
View the 1940 Style Trailer for City of Angels
About the Show
With a Book by Larry Gelbart, Music by Cy Colman and Lyrics by David Zippel, City of Angels is the rarest of musical comedies. Set in the glamorously seductive world of 1940's Hollywood, it is one part film noir detective story, one part fish out of water romantic comedy and loaded with great songs and Jazz music. It promises to be a fun evening’s entertainment for all.
In a world of film studios and flimsy negligees, the show chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a young novelist, attempting his first screenplay for movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler. While Buddy professes to be a fan of Stine’s work, “I’ve read a synopsis of every book you’ve ever written,” his gargantuan ego forces Stine to make endless compromises in the story he’s writing. The script is an adaptation of one of Stine’s novels which features his Raymond Chandler-esque hero, a private investigator named Stone. Every movie scene that Stine writes is acted out on stage in the black and white film noir world with a music score reminiscent of a 1940's private eye film. Weaving the two worlds together onstage, Stine risks his integrity and his marriage as Stone risks his life to solve a mystery. It’s a musical tale of decadence, deceit and homicide with a liberal sprinkling of fun and femme’s fatale.
Directed By: John M. Maurer
Musical Directions By Peter de Mets
Choreography By: Jane Coult

May 6, 7, 13, 14, 2016 at 8:00pm
May 8, 15, 2016 at 2pm

Tickets: $20 adults, $18 seniors, $16 students/children

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