Thursday, August 25, 2016

Acting Classes at The Company start September 19

"The Company Theatre Group's Academy for Performing Arts will be offering once a week, on Monday evenings, the first class in our acting program - one for adults, and one for kids. So, if you're looking for an acting class for yourself or someone you know, this fall is the perfect time to start out.

The classes begin Monday Sept 19th and go through Monday Oct 24th. The youth class will begin at 6:30pm, the adult class will begin at 7:30pm. Each will be one hour long.

Each class will cover the fundamentals of acting and only cost $149.95. That's less than $25 per class. Each class will be simple and interesting enough for a beginner or someone who hasn't done any acting in a while. But, it will also offer enough of a challenge for the seasoned amateur actor to learn a few things, as well.

Classes will be held in the studio/classroom at the Temple Avodat Shalom. 385 Howland Ave, River Edge, NJ

Your can reserve a seat here:

Please register now as seating is limited.

This is great opportunity for a you, a friend, or a young actor to learn the basics from the artistic director of a professional theatre company. ​ All great actors have a solid foundation. This is where you can get that. This class will help everyone develop their talent and acting technique. And, it is also an excellent way to build overall self-confidence and self-esteem in front of a room - something that is useful for everyone, but is especially important for kids.

Hope to see you in class."

Lou Scarpati
Managing Artistic Director
The Company Theatre Group, Inc.

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