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Friday, October 14, 2016

Circle Players announces auditions for Patrick Marber’s 'Dealer’s Choice'

Circle Players of Piscataway announces auditions for the third production of our 65th anniversary season, “Dealer’s Choice”, written by Patrick Marber and directed by John P. Dowgin. Auditions will be held:

Monday, 11/7 7-9pm

Wednesday, 11/9 7-9pm

Callbacks, if necessary, on Thur 11/10 7-9pm

Performances are January 20th, 21st, 28th, February 3rd and 4th, 2017, at 8 PM, and January 29th and February 5th, 2017, at 3 PM.

Synopsis of the play: “Stephen owns a small restaurant which employs Sweeney (the cook), Mugsy and Frankie (waiters). A third waiter, Tony, is mentioned but never appears in the play. Every Sunday after closing, the staff and Stephen's son, Carl, play a poker game in the basement. We learn Mugsy is attempting to buy a public toilet in Mile End and convert it into a restaurant. Mugsy doesn't have the money - he lost £3,000 at poker to Stephen several weeks ago. Mugsy is hoping to convince Carl to get the money from his father, and plans to dump Carl once the restaurant is open. But Carl has his own problems. He has a severe gambling addiction, which he believes he has kept hidden from his father. He currently owes £4,000 to Ash, his poker mentor, who, in turn, owes £10,000 to other gamblers. Later that night, Ash comes to the restaurant to get his money. Carl, having again lost the money he had saved, convinces Ash to join the poker game under cover of being a former schoolteacher. Once this game is over, the relationships between these six men will never be the same again.”

Cast Breakdown

Stephen (late 40s/50s) – Restaurant owner, father to Carl. A compulsive gambler who has learned to hide it better than most

Carl (20s) – Stephen’s son. A directionless compulsive gambler, but not without personal charm

Mugsy (30s) – a waiter in Stephen’s restaurant. Dreams of opening his own restaurant with Carl. Not the sharpest knife in the establishment.

Frankie (30s) – a waiter in Stephen’s restaurant. Dreams of making it big as a professional poker player in Las Vegas.

Sweeney (30s) – a waiter in Stephen’s restaurant. All he wants to do is survive the poker game with enough money in his pocket for a day out with his estranged daughter the following morning.

Ash (40s to 50s) – a professional gambler. Imposing and ruthless. A different animal from the others.

A British accent is required for all characters. Monologues are not necessary: sides will be provided.

Auditions will be held at Circle Playhouse, 416 Victoria Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Questions may be submitted to the theater at

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