Monday, October 10, 2016

You’re So Vain!: JCTC Presents L’Image at Merseles Studios

Vanity continues at Merseles Studios in Jersey City with L’Image, an evening of one-act plays by George Cameron Grant assembled exclusively for this thematic series by Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC). This full-theater production runs for two consecutive weekends and is a collaboration between Aqueduct Productions, a theatre company founded by Grant, and JCTC.

Through November 11th Jersey City Theater Center explores Vanity, a series also includes an ongoing visual art exhibition, new play readings, film, dance, performance art and The Box, a variety show like evening that concludes the series.

L’Image by George Cameron Grant and directed by Joy Kelly runs: October 13, 14 & 15 and October 20, 21, 22. Doors open 7:00pm; Performance Begins 7:30pm. Talk-Back with playwright and cast follows each show. L’Image contains adult material and is not suitable for children.

JCTC Presents L’Image at Merseles Studios, 339 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07303. Tickets: $18 online/$20 door (to purchase tickets online visit:

Funny, provocative and controversial, L’Image takes an honest though often comic look at the conflicts between self, self-image, and society. Grant, an internationally produced author of eight full- length plays, over 20 one acts, and numerous monologues, was on the radar of Olga Levina, but it was not until Vanity that the right opportunity to present this playwright’s work to Jersey City audiences.

“George’s plays in L’Image really cut to the core of what the Vanity series is all about,” said Levina. “In these works, people behave in very vain ways, like we all do sometimes. At first they seem to care only about how they look or their appearance, but they aren’t that shallow at all. When they begin to relate to someone else, they make a genuine connection and discover a deeper meaning about life. Each of these plays is a wonderful, often hilarious journey filled with great writing.”

The plays were conceived of and written separately, but this is the first time they appear together and the newest piece – the culturally topical B.A.B.Y. (Buy A Better You) – about a online service that can provide the ultimate makeover – was written three months ago, adapted specifically for the Vanity production.

Philena, The Lover Of Mankind, which stars Pape, is about 70-year-old mother and her 50-year-old divorced daughter, overcoming estrangement and generational divides as both prepare for a first date; M – depicts an overwrought, under-loved Park Avenue psychotherapist confronts both her ego and her own past; and Dead Language concerns a man who makes one last outrageous attempt to rescue a relationship.

L’Image at Merseles Studios features the debut performance of B.A.B.Y. (Buy A Better You) and the New Jersey premiere of Philena, the Lover of Mankind, M and Dead Language.

According to Grant, the collaboration with JCTC has “been a blessing of support and encouragement, and I'm thrilled to bring the extreme diversity of our cast, director, crew and content to a new audience, and theatre.”

He added, “I was introduced to JCTC by one of Florence Pape, one of our Aqueduct family members appearing in L'Image. The plays were specifically chosen to enhance the Vanity theme.”

The L’Image Cast: Fernando Ayres, Jill Cook, Wendy Weber Eaton, Karoline Fischer, Helene Kaufmann, Lawryn La Croix, Ricardo Muniz, Tomike Ogugua, Florence Pape, Noemi Santos, and Margo Singaliese.

George Cameron Grant (Playwright) is the author of 12 full-length plays, dozens of one-acts, musicals, and countless monologues. Recently, Mints, was awarded Best Play at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Summer 2016 Challenge, as well as Best Play and Best Actress (Florence Pape) at the Secret Theatre Winter 2016 One-Act Festival. His anti-bullying play Push, which has been presented in theatres and schools across the US and Canada, including a 10-performance by the Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre in Palm Springs.

Joy Kelly (Director) is an actor, director and storyteller. Performances include Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Abingdon Theatre, The Bacchae by the Faux Real Theatre Company at LaMama Theatre in New York and Striving For Freedom, at FDR’s home, Hyde Park. Kelly’s work as director for Aqueduct Productions includes Crockett’s Last Stand, as part of the Strawberry Festival Best Play and Mints, which won Best Play at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Summer 2016 Challenge. 

Jersey City Theater Center Merseles Studios
339 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 795-5386

Photo caption: This evening of one-act plays features an ensemble cast, including: (Left to right) Helene Kaufmann, Karoline Fischer, Fernando Ayres, Tomike Ogugua, Jill Cook; On couch (Left to right) Lawryn LaCroix, Noemi Santos and (foreground) Florence Pape. (photograph by John Crittenden/ShowMeYourFaces).

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