Monday, December 5, 2016

Auditions: Neil Simon's Rumors at Somerset Valley Playhouse

Directed by Todd R. Bennington

Produced by Crystal Coddington

Neil Simon's crazy comedy of an upscale dinner party run amok sees the fashion and fur fly when two glamorous guests arrive at a house to an unexpectedly absent host. The speculative stories of what might have happened spin out of control as more guests arrive. Zany consequences arise as the highbrow crew frantically tries to keep track of the increasingly outrageous tales while trying to protect their own self-pretentious reputations.

Open auditions will be held on:

Sunday December 11 and Tuesday December 13 at 7:00 pm

Somerset Valley Playhouse - 689 Amwell Rd, Hillsborough, NJ.

Performance dates run March 10 through March 26, 2017

Director Todd Bennington is seeking to fill the following roles:

Ken Gorman (male) 40’s
A know-it-all, well-to-do lawyer. He takes charge of the situation regarding his friend Charley. He is Chris’ husband. He has an accident early on that leaves him hard of hearing which adds to the comedy of the character.

Chris Gorman (Female) 30’s – 40’s
An attractive, nervous, and neurotic woman. She is married to Ken. She quit smoking but has fallen off the wagon. Chris loves her martinis.

Lenny Ganz (male) 40’s
A wealthy accountant who is distraught over the destruction of his new car. His neck cramps up due to the car accident which adds to the comedy of the character. Lenny is married to Claire.

Claire Ganz (female) 30’s – 40’s
A smart-mouthed and sharp-tongued gossip who is obsessed with appearances. She is married to Lenny.

Ernie Cusack (male) 50’s +
A quiet and even-mannered psychiatrist. He’s a calming presence in the storm of a farce although he does “lose it” at times. He is married to Cookie Cusack.

Cookie Cusack (female) Late 40’s +
A flamboyant host of her own cooking show. She’s garish and ditzy. She has back spasms and outbursts. Actress must be comfortable with physical comedy.

Glenn Cooper (male) 30’s
A handsome young candidate for State Senate. He’s constantly worried about his image and worried about how he’ll be perceived when he runs for office. He struggles with placating his wife, Cassie.

Cassie Cooper (female) Late 20’s – 30’s
A very good-looking yet completely insane trophy wife of Glenn. She and Glenn constantly bicker. Cassie is a believer in the power of crystals. She flirts just to get Glenn jealous. Very quick to anger.

Officer Welch (male) 40’s +
A no-nonsense police officer. Sees through the high-society tomfoolery.

Officer Pudney (female) 20’s – 30’s
The partner of Officer Welch. Strong and silent. Few lines. Great part for a new actress.

Special note for auditioners:
Readings will be from the script
Auditioners must be comfortable with physical comedy.

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