Friday, December 2, 2016

'The “Walk to Bethlehem' in Basking Ridge December 18th

A holiday note from Bill Corson of the Light Opera of New Jersey (and the Director of Music at Basking Ridge's St. Mark’s Episcopal Church):  

"If you’ve been in Basking Ridge, NJ during the holiday season, no doubt you have seen, or at least heard of, the “Walk to Bethlehem”. It’s an annual tradition that started 26  years  ago where members of the four churches in downtown Basking Ridge, participate in a half-parade, half-pageant, telling the story of Jesus’ birth. Members of all congregations and Christians everywhere are invited to “walk”, from one church to another.   

The festival starts at the top of the hill at St. James Roman Catholic Church and then travels on to St. Mark’s Episcopal, Bishop Jane Methodist and ends at the Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge. Inside each church, carols are sung, a gospel reading is read and music is performed. 

Parishioners, dressed as the biblical characters, lead the way. Mary and Joseph and a real donkey lead the entire crowd and are greeted by Angels, Shepherds and Kings along the way. It is a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season! "The “Walk to Bethlehem” will be held Sunday December 18th starting at 4 pm at St. James."

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