Thursday, February 23, 2017

‘IRELAND-A History In Song’ world premiere at BCC

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On Thursday, March 30 at 7:30pm, Peter LeDonne, the Director of Community and Cultural Affairs at Bergen Community College (400 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ) , will  present. as part of the Ciccone Theatre’s Distinguished Artist Series, the World Premiere of music legend LARRY KIRWAN’S highly anticipated musical voyage and masterful tribute to Ireland and its centuries of musical genius, IRELAND-A History In Song.

Celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary, the Ciconne Theatre’s spotlight will be turned onto its satellite performance space, the ENDER HALL LAB THEATRE, for the World Premiere of IRELAND-A History In Song.

IRELAND-A History In Song
Based on Mr. Kirwan’s best-selling book, The History of Irish Music, IRELAND-A History In Song is a magnum opus that has emerged as an amalgamation of Mr. Kirwan’s 25 years as the frontman of the Celtic Rock phenomenon Black 47 (also known as New York City’s House Band) and his first nineteen years living in Wexford, Ireland where his grandfather, Thomas Hughes, a self-taught proficient historian, imbued him with the soul-searing history of Ireland, the immeasurable sufferings of its peoples and the breathtakingly haunting music that, after ten centuries, is as hypnotic and addicting as it was when the British landed in Wexford in 1169 under the pretense of recapturing the kidnapped wife of the aggrieved King of Breifne.

The Brits cared nothing for the kidnapped Mrs. Breifne, only that she allowed them to get their avaricious, colonizing, salivating, tax-hungry boots onto Irish soil where they have been ever since.

But as Ireland’s music flowed from the Irish Mountains and from generation to generation, its ambassadors never ignored its haunting roots as they added their own witness, opinion, interpretation, humor, revenge, rage, longing and love.

Larry Kirwan arrived on these shores and our stages with centuries of intrinsic musical mysticism, carved out a new genre of rock music, sold millions of records, played to hundreds and thousands of adoring fans – and – after 2,500 concerts in 25 years wrapped it up one night at BB Kings on 42nd Street in New York in a show so historical they are releasing a documentary of that night’s pandemonium this month.

Heeding Thomas Hughes’ final directive to his grandson, Larry Kirwan has also filled the world with Ireland’s history in his novels, poems, plays, histories, newspaper columns, in the new songs of his solo career and on his National Radio Show on SiriusXM.

IRELAND-A History In Song is the creative pinnacle of a sacred promise and a mission of determined love and respect.

Mr. Kirwan will be accompanied by Andrew Sharp on Uilleann Pipes, Flute and Fiddle.


On Wednesday, March 29, proceeding the show’s World Premiere, Mr. Kirwan will conduct a Master Class for the Bergen Community College Music Majors.    The Master Class is at complete capacity.

Ender Hall Lab Theatre
Parking Lot C
Bergen Community College
400 Paramus Road
Paramus, New Jersey

General Admission - $15
BCC Faculty - $10
BCC Staff - $10
Seniors - $10
BCC Students - $5


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