Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Auditions: ‘Man Who Came To Dinner’ at Westfield Community Players

WCP to hold auditions for The Man Who Came to Dinner, the comedy by George Kaufman and Moss Hart.
Synopsis: Sheridan Whiteside, having dined at the home of the Stanley's, slips on their doorstep,breaking his hip. A tumultuous six weeks of confinement follow. The Stanley living room is monopolized by the irascible invalid;ex-convicts are invited to meals;and transatlantic calls brings a $748 phone bill. The arrival of strange gifts from his friends further destroys domestic tranquillity. It would take a stoical housewife to harbor penquins in her library, an octopus in her cellar, and 10,000 cockroaches in her kitchen.

Role descriptions:
Sheridan Whiteside: (male -stage age: 40s-60s+) A middle-aged, Falstaffian-girthed celebrity.

Maggie Cutler: (female – stage age: 20s-40s) Whiteside’s private secretary & chief interference runner for the past ten years.

Mr. Earnest W. Stanley: (male - stage age: 40s-60s) Frustrated & discomfited host to the demanding invalid Whitside.

Mrs. Stanley (Daisy): (female – stage age: 40s-60s) Highly strung wife of Mr. Stanley.

Richard Stanley: (male – stage age: 18-25+) Grown son of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley, talented amateur photographer.

June Stanley: (female – stage age: 18-25+) Grown daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley, young union organizer. Hopelessly in love with Sandy.

Harriet Stanley: (female – stage age: 50+) Earnest Stanley's eerie sister, floats in and out when Whiteside is alone, elderly, eccentric, live-in sister with a sinister past.

Miss Preen: (female -stage age: 30s+) A spinsterish nurse who attends to Whiteside. A humorless prude.

John: (male – stage age: 40s+) The Stanley’s star-struck Butler who has been around awhile.

Sarah: (female – stage age: 40s+) John’s wife, the talented household cook who has been around awhile.

Miss Dexter: (female - stage age: 30s+) Star-struck neighbor, visiting society friend of Mrs Stanley

Mrs. McCutcheon: (female – stage age: 30s+) Star-struck neighbor, visiting society friend of Mrs Stanley

Dr. Bradley: (male – stage age: 50s+) Whiteside’s doctor, he diagnoses Whiteside's injuries by looking at the wrong X rays. He is also a late-blooming author who tries to get Whiteside to read his book, Forty Years an Ohio Doctor.

Bert Jefferson: (male – stage age: 20s-40s+) An interesting-looking young man. He is "an interesting looking young man" who has written a producible play. He naïvely and ambitiously allows himself to be lured by the chance of making it to the big time, even if it means the sacrifice of personal happiness.

Professor Metz: (male – stage age: 50s) A strange-looking little man. An entomologist. He is the first of three eccentrics to visit Whiteside during his convalescence. He brings the great man a present of a colony of ten thousand roaches.

Lorraine Sheldon: (female – stage age: 30s-50s)A temperamental, acid-tongued, self-serving actress, beautiful.

Sandy: (male – stage age: 20s) Handsome young man who is June’s Union-organizer boyfriend

Beverley Carlton: (male – stage age: 30s-50s) Flamboyant English entertainer, a Noël Cowardish character who dashes around the world composing and writing plays and being devastatingly charming.

Banjo: (male – stage age: 30s-60s+) A famous Hollywood comedian, a grown-up adolescent. He is as loony off-screen as on-the Marx brothers all wrapped into one

other roles: 20's-40's, to play multiple smaller & non-speaking roles, including
Mr. Baker Prison Guard
3 convicts
Radio Technicians
A Plainclothes Man
If wishing to audition, please visit: and complete audition form....

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