Sunday, November 12, 2017

LAST DAY! Art House Productions ‘Leisure, Lust’ by Sara Farrington

Leisure, Lust Written by Sara Farrington
Directed by Marina McClure
with Labor in-development at Art House Productions

TODAY 3 to 5 pm

Written by 2-time Drama Desk nominee Sara Farrington, Leisure, Lust is inspired by two very divergent worlds: Edith Wharton’s upper crust 1% and social reformer Jacob Riis’s most impoverished underclass. Farrington tackles issues of gender, sex, love, mental illness, and class in a tangled knot of privilege, poverty, and the myth of the American dream.

The plot revolves around the savage imagination of novelist Grace Hunter (based on Wharton), whose husband Harry is rapidly losing his grip on reality. A mysterious stranger, Delancey Morris, emerges and sets off this intricate, decades-spanning, turn-of-the-century love story--where nothing is exactly as it seems.
262 17th Street, Jersey City, NJ 07310

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