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Temporarily Yours: Actress & Temp Worker Balances Life, Work and Art


Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) presents the New Jersey premier of Temporarily Yours, written and performed by Claudine Bryant at Merseles Studios, November 17 & 18.

Temporarily Yours follows the often comedic travails of Corrine, an actress working as an office temp. It is a sarcastic yet humorous portrayal of two familiar but usually separate worlds – theater and white-collar office temp work, but Temporarily Yours also depicts the very real journey of a committed artist forced to choose between her passion and what is needed to make ends meet while she navigates the pitfalls of life in early 21st century New York City.

Temporarily Yours is the final theater production in JCTC’s Fear series (The BOX, a showcase of spoken-word, music and other performances closes the series on December 8). JCTC selects topics global in scope yet relevant to the community then explores that theme using visual arts, theater, dance, monologues, and other performances. With Fear, JCTC looks at the personal, cultural and political impact of uncontrollable anxiety and how Fear can sometimes paralyze while other times encourage us to overcome threats and obstacles.

“I'm thrilled that Claudine Bryant's Temporarily Yours is included in JCTC's season of Fear,” said Lisa Strum, Associate Theatre Coordinator, JCTC. “Fear comes in many different forms, and for an artist that is consistently negotiating the pursuit of their art while simultaneously needing financial stability – letting go of the former to have the latter is always a harsh reality. I think Claudine's play demonstrates this fear beautifully with an incredible amount of humor and insight.”

Strum, an actor, writer and director in her own right (her ‘dating while black’ one-woman play, ‘She Gon’ Learn’ had a three show run at Merseles during JCTC’s Disruption series earlier this year)  – is directing the JCTC presentation of Temporarily Yours. The play – based on some of Bryant’s experiences as an aspiring actress and temp worker in the ‘00s – began as a monologue in 2003, evolving over time into the full production it is today. “”Over the last couple of years with each performance something new has been introduced to the journey of Corrine,” said Bryant. “I have added even more characters and experiences to this current production at JCTC.”

Temporarily Yours was most recently a featured play at the 12th Annual One Festival in New York City earlier this year. “Working with JCTC is that this has been the most welcoming and supportive artistic staff that I have ever worked with and that working with them allowed me to further develop the show in a huge way,” she added.

“I'm excited that Claudine and I could further explore the nuances and complexities of the artist's struggle during this recent development at JCTC,” said Strum. “The show has been around for over 15 years and still rings relevant today. I think anyone who has wanted to pursue a dream but had to endure working a soulless job to support their endeavors will be able to relate to this work.”

Claudine Bryant, born and raised in Somerville, N.J.,  is a New York City-based actress and Teaching Artist for community based organizations, working in schools throughout New York City.  She received a BA in Communications and Fine Arts Theatre from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She continued her training as an actor at the renown William Esper Studio and later at The Acting Studio and Primary Stages.  Bryant appeared in several productions, including What is Gained, I go on Singing, and the short film, The Door. Her One Woman show Temporarily Yours has been featured in various solo show festivals such as Emerging Artist's One Woman Standing Series as well as the Annual One Festival.

Temporarily Yours
Friday Nov 17
Doors: 7:30/Show: 8:00 
Saturday Nov 18
Doors: 7:30/Show: 8:00

(both performances of Temporarily Yours followed by Talk Back with Claudine Bryant)

$20 General Admission ($15 Students & Senior Citizens, with valid ID)

(to purchase tickets visit:

Jersey City Theater Center
Merseles Studios
339 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 795-5386

Fear and Temporarily Yours was also made possible through the generosity of Ben LoPiccolo Development Group, JCTC’s Board of Directors, private donors and local Jersey City businesses.

Jersey City Theater Center, Inc. (JCTC) presents programming at Merseles Studios and White Eagle Hall. JCTC is a nonprofit, 501c3 arts organization committed to inspiring conversations about the important topics of our times through innovative and progressive performing and visual arts that celebrates diversity, bringing communities closer together and enhancing the quality of life. 

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