Thursday, January 4, 2018

Reading canceled due to the weather tonight

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We regret to announce that tonight’s reading of “Nichiiwad” by Hal Corley has been canceled due to the weather.  We hope you’re all able to stay warm and safe through the storm and join us tomorrow night as we resume our Soundings series with “Hurricane Colleen” by Tammy Ryan.

We had a great time on Monday with Joe Sutton as we watched and discussed his latest work, “The Patriot” and enjoyed Pia Wilson’s “Like Saltwater” last night, so we’re look forward to the remaining eleven plays in the series!

As a reminder, the schedule for the remainder of Soundings is as follows:

Friday, January 5 – “Hurricane Colleen” by Tammy Ryan

Saturday, January 6 – “And Their Sons, Too...” by Seth Rozin

Sunday, January 7 – “Encounters” by Yasmine Rana

Monday, January 8 – “Memoirs of a Forgotten Man” by D.W. Gregory

Tuesday, January 9 – “Teach” by Donna Hoke

Wednesday, January 10 –  “Wolf at the Door” by Richard Dresser

Thursday, January 11 – “Redux” by Rob Zellers

Friday, January 12 – “Ghost Story” by Lia Romeo

Saturday, January 13 – “The Excavation of Mary Anning” by Ian August

Sunday, January 14 – “The Real Story” by Robert Clyman

Monday, January 15 – “Branwell (and the other Brontës): an autobiography edited by Charlotte Brontë” by Stephen Kaplan

Dates and plays are subject to change, please consult the website for any last minute changes.

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