Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Axelrod Launches New Season as Professional Theater!


The cast of RAGTIME takes the stage! Director-choreographer LUIS SALGADO and his team are working with the cast for Saturday night’s opening night.

Salgado, who won this year’s Broadway World top awards for Best Director and Best Choreographer, was recently nominated for 18 Helen Hayes awards for theatrical excellence in the Washington D.C. area for his Spanish-language production of In the Heights.

Salgado is reinventing Ragtime the Musical, a show that has enjoyed two Broadway runs, and audiences at the Axelrod PAC will be surprised by the sheer magnitude and raw energy of Salgado’s new production. “I feel like I am risking A LOT in the way we've chosen to tell this story, but I also think it is extremely worth it and this is the right moment, the right story to take a risk on.” Salgado’s first priority for this production is Telling the Story. “Heart comes first. Humanity comes first. Daring comes first. The same way that we should listen to our hearts and dare to take action to be in touch with the raw scene of our humanity.”

It’s our professional cast of 28 actors who brings Salgado’s vision to life: “I'm beyond words with this cast, They are GIFTED with their voices, OPEN with the process and hard working as hard working can be. The physical style of this production demands them all to connect, move and engage as one full ensemble and, they embrace this challenge with dedication and love."

Salgado’s work has been seen on four continents and yet he continues to return to the Axelrod to explore his Art with a Purpose. “The Axelrod team is very supportive and inspires the challenge of working on such a massive project with their consistent commitment to getting it done the best way possible. Especially Andrew DePrisco who I've come to adore as a producer and visionary for the Axelrod.”

e63476_c6369d52f6e446e6b1d2b4f1d1e5bb97~mv2_d_1806_1207_s_2Axelrod Performing Arts Center in Deal Park, NJ

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