Thursday, April 12, 2018

‘Issei, He Say’ Opening Next Week at NJ Rep

Christina Liang, Stan Egi, Kathleen Kwan and Fenton Li

Stan Egi and Christina Liang

Fenton Li (window) Kathleen Kwan, Stan Egi

Playwright, Chloé Hung

Issei, He Say or the Myth of the First

LONG BRANCH, NJ – New Jersey Repertory Company located at 179 Broadway in Long Branch, is proud to present the world premiere of Chloé Hung’s Issei, He Say, (Or the Myth of the First) April 19 through May 20, 2018. Winner of an Edgerton New Play award, Issei, He Say will be directed by Lisa James and stars Stan Egi as Mr. Yamamoto, Kathleen Kwan as Mrs. Chu, Fenton Li as Mr. Chu, and Christina Liang as Lucy Chu.

Lucy Chu, the central character, is a thirteen-year-old girl whose family has emigrated from Hong Kong to Ontario in 1969. They wind up living next to Mr. Yamamoto, a Japanese-Canadian, who spent WWII in a Canadian internment camp. Haunted by memories of Japanese atrocities during the siege of Nanking, Lucy’s father holds his neighbor personally responsible, and forbids Lucy to speak to Mr. Yamamoto.  But the rebellious teenager reaches out to her kind neighbor, who can relate to her difficulties and help guide her through the struggles she encounters in her day-to-day life. Prejudices and hatred between the two families reach a boiling point and Lucy is caught in the middle.
Ultimately, Issei, He Say is a story about family, told with humor and pathos. It's about being the first generation in a new country, the ups-and-downs of fitting in, the weight of the history they carry with them, and the prejudices that continue to haunt them. We hope you can join us for this special play.

Issei, He Say 是一個關於移民後第一代在新國家裏的家庭故事。故事講述他們如何去適應生活中的起伏, 背負着歷史包袱,以及怎樣面對各種歧視及偏見。藉着幽默和悲傷的表達方法,希望能帶領觀眾進入這個故事的世界。

New Jersey Repertory Company
179 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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