Friday, July 6, 2018

Auditions: ‘Wait Until Dark’ at Somerset Valley Playhouse



A blind woman is terrorized by ex-cons.

SHOW DATES:  October 19-November 4.
Director:  Holly Kowalenko
Producer: Ed Hayden
Sponsor: State Line Aviation
Tuesday, July 24, and Thursday, July 26 at 7:30 pm.
WHERE: LOCATION: Somerset Valley Playhouse, 689 Amwell Road (Route 514), Hillsborough, NJ
#MALES NEEDED: 5 adults
#FEMALES NEEDED:  1 adults
See character breakdown below for more details.
SPECIAL NOTE FOR AUDITIONERS: Readings will be from the script and provided at the audition. Actresses auditioning should be prepared to follow simple blocking from the script to convey the character's blindness. Girls auditioning should be small in stature and have stage experience.

Character/Age Range/Description
Mike Talman, 30-50. Professional conman. He is taller than Susy and has spent time in jail.  He is likeable and charismatic but has a dark side. He has to carry a major portion of the play.
Sgt. Carlino, 30-50. Professional conman. Not as likeable as Mike. Older, or looks older. Nervous, and a follower.

Harry Roat, Jr., 30-50. Very creepy.  Only interested in himself and his lust for drugs and money. He plays two other characters in the con. Is capable of murder. We should be afraid of him, but not surprised by him.

Susy Hendrix, 25-35. Blinded as an adult.  Married to Sam.  Likeable with a good sense of humor. Wants to be independent. Small in stature and physically vulnerable.  Smart, but very trusting of others.

Sam Hendrix, 30-40. He makes his living as a photographer. Likeable and almost fatherly with Susy. A former Marine and very organized.  We trust him. Important that he has a great chemistry with Susy.

Gloria, 10-14.  Lives upstairs from Susy and Sam.  Does chores and shopping for Susy. Doesn't like to be told what to do. Very strong when put in charge.

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