Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Auditions:’Fences’ by August Wilson-Bridge Players

34838366_10155656113858367_1728072360604467200_oAuditions for Fences by August Wilson
Broad Street United Methodist Church,
36 E. Broad Street, Burlington, NJ 08016
Note: This is a non-union, non-paying production.
TUES, JULY 10 6:30 PM
WED. JULY 11 6:30 PM

About the Show: Set in the 1950s, the evolving African-American experience is explored as a former star of the Negro baseball league is excluded from the major leagues during his prime. Now working as a garbage man, bitterness takes its toll on his relationships as his son wants his own chance to play to play ball. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

About the Auditions: Bridge Players is seeking 5 men, 1 woman and 1 young girl. All roles are open. Prepare a short monologue from contemporary theatre. Sides from the script will be available at the auditions and posted on the Bridge Players website. Also bring a headshot and resume stapled together, and be prepared to provide all potential conflicts for evening and weekend rehearsals beginning July 23rd.
Performance Dates: September 28, 29, 30, October 5, 6, 7, 12, and 13
Set strike on October 14 is required for ALL cast & crew.
While we appreciate your interest, please refrain from auditioning if you have conflicts with ANY performance dates.
Director: Gwen Ricks-Spencer | Questions: email:

Character Breakdown:
Troy Maxson: A large man in his mid-fifties who wants to match the power & strength his physical size suggests, but who he feels has been blocked by the white community all his life. A martyr, a breadwinner, & a rough poet. Proud, exhausted, & angry, he refuses to acknowledge a changing world.
Jim Bono: Troy's closest friend. They met in prison and spent 15 years together locked up together. Troy has been the leader whom Bono has willingly followed. Honest, hardworking, frank and moral.
Rose: Troy's second wife, who he married after being released from prison. Maternal, practical, patient, & forgiving. Rose almost always pushes her own priorities aside for others'. Powerful underneath and determined to hold her family together. Rose is the mother of Cory, Troy's youngest son.
Cory: Son of Troy and Rose, recruited to play college football. 17-18. Bright & responsible, he believes he has a chance for success & happiness in life. Cory has a relationship of conflict and violence with Troy. He desperately wants his father to be proud of him, but he does not wish to become like him.
Lyons: Troy's eldest son from a previous marriage. He is in his mid-30s. A jazz musician in Pittsburgh but often has a hard time making ends meet.
Gabriel: Gabriel, or Gabe, is Troy's brother. He suffered a traumatic head injury in World War II that left a metal plate in his head. Because of his diminished mental capacity, he acts in a childlike manner and believes that he is the Angel Gabriel, waiting for St. Peter to open the gates of Heaven for all of the saved. A singer & storyteller who is eager to please.
Raynell: Age 7-8. Raynell is Troy's daughter, fathered out of wedlock with Alberta, Troy's mistress. Alberta dies in childbirth and leaves Troy to raise Raynell. Rose agrees to raise his husband's daughter for her sake, not for his.

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