Tuesday, September 18, 2018

'Hope Throws her Heart Away' play reading at The Women's Theater

Join us for a reading of a delightful play! 🎭
Parsippany Playhouse
1130 Knoll Rd Lake Hiawatha NJ

Starring Nancy Kutzer, Valerie Stack Dodge, Alexa Teebo.
Directed by Patricia Durante

For non-conformist Hope, being grown up is nothing she expected. After stumbling through childhood and school, adulthood only brings even more uncertainty-- an expedition without a map. The more she pushes, the more life seems to push her back. What’s left? Fake conforming? Forget ever fitting in? After a road of disappointments Hope discovers that defeat and loss actually might be stepping stones to the fulfillment she seeks.
Finding an identity can be a life-long search.
The story of a woman’s search for identity in a random-seeming world.
As the role of women continues to change, a non-conformist struggles to create her life.

A woman tries to be all things to all people, only to learn the person she needs to please is herself. 

Hope Throws Heart Away is a play about the puzzle of growing up after growing up-- compromising and holding firm, standing out and fitting in, self-doubt and resolve. As the title character Hope tries, fails, falls and pushes forward, she finds that tumbling through a random life might occasionally…start to make sense. 

HOPE THROWS HER HEART AWAY is like a series of staged blog entries –snapshots of a woman’s life from an awkward childhood to adult uncertainty and then finally a ray of self-content. 

For HOPE, life never is never easy. As school and peer pressure wear, Hope shapes herself according to expectations: the reciting student, the flustered friend, the agreeable date. By adulthood, she’s a lost woman trying to be all things to all people. Hope’s search for herself again is the journey of HOPE THROWS HER HEART AWAY.
Join us for a reading of a delightful play! 🎭

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