Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Tony and Pulitzer Nominated Drama “Other Desert Cities” at the Hackensack Performing Arts Center (HACPAC)

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(Hackensack, NJ)  Brooke Wyeth, played by Andrea Prendamano, is a New York City magazine writer who has returned to her family home for the first time in six years, after a bad nervous breakdown, to celebrate Christmas. Tension builds quickly after she reveals that she is going to publish a memoir centered around the suicide of her late brother Henry. Brooke insists that sharing her experience - as well as being able to assert her independence from her mother, Polly Wyeth, played by Debra Whitfield - is vital for her healing process. But, this suicide is a long festering wound that her socially prominent and politically conservative parents would rather not have revealed to the world, because the circumstances around it would dredge up old social wounds and embarrass the family tremendously. 

Inserting herself into the middle of this is Polly's sister Silda, played by Joan Barber, a recovering alcoholic who is living with the Wyeths during her recovery.  Once very close, the two sisters are now on the extreme opposite sides of the political spectrum and have made very different life-style choices over the years.

Finally, there is Brooke's charming but damaged brother, Trip, played by Erik Kochenberger, who was looking forward to a normal Christmas reunion and tries to see both sides of the argument.

Political differences and family secrets abound in this high energy drama.  So, you owe it to yourself to come see this wonderfully entertaining, thought-provoking play where relationships are wounded, political views are questioned, and a family is bitterly divided over the perceived social and political ramifications of a soon to be published memoir about a troubled family son and brother who committed suicide a couple of decades ago.

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Joan Barber* Silda Grauman

Einar Gunn* Lyman Wyeth

Erik Kochenberger Trip Wyeth

Andrea Prendamano Brooke Wyeth

Debra Whitfield* Polly Wyeth

*Member of Actors Equity

Lou Scarpati Director

Teddy Coluca Asst Director

Darren Rosen Set Design

Phil Sosinsky Sound

Danielle Rosato Publicity

Frank Costello Props/Décor

Lois Lichtenberger Props/Décor/Script Assistant

Founded in 2007, The Company Theatre Group is a non-profit, professional company of actors,
writers, and directors in residence at The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center, Hackensack, NJ.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Group Theatre, The Company is dedicated to developing and nurturing artists in an imaginative and safe setting, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of contemporary theatre with its non-choreographed style of production.  Like the Group Theatre, The Company creates heightened authentic human behavior on stage. “Life in Fiction” we like to call it. Truly living in the moment. So, no two performances are ever the same.

The Company creates an entertaining environment and a thought-provoking experience where each audience member can feel like a 'fly on the wall', watching the lives and events of real people in real situations unfold and sometimes unravel right before their eyes.

Other Desert Cities

Opens:   Oct 19, 2018

Theatre: Hackensack Performing Arts Center, 102 State Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Running Time: 110 minutes with one intermission

Schedule: 6 shows only. Oct 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28.

Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Audience: Children under 4 are not permitted into the theatre.

Teens and kids under 16 not permitted without adult.

Ticket prices: $20-$25 at the door if available.

Reserved Seating:

For more information, please visit The Company Theatre Group’s website at: and facebook page:

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