Friday, November 9, 2018

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST Playhouse on Park-Directed by Ezra Barnes


“An amazing production of Dale Wasserman’s play about the mistreatments of Mental Health in the mid twentieth century is waiting for you at Playhouse on Park. Beautifully directed by Ezra Barnes, with an ensemble cast that maintains each character within the whole, the play takes place within a men’s ward in a state-run Psychiatric Hospital somewhere in the Northwest.” (Tom Nissley, The Ridgelea Report)

“As drama, it packs a punch, ratcheting up the stakes until the consequences become unthinkable.” (Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant)

“It is loud, a bit ribald and in the end shattering.” (Nancy Sasso Janis, Naugatuck Patch)

Playhouse on Park, West Hartford, CT

By Dale Wasserman, From the Novel by Ken Kesey

Directed by Ezra Barnes

Limited Engagement: Through November 18


Wayne Willinger as Randle Patrick McMurphy

“The principle characters are particularly well cast. As McMurphy, Wayne Willinger has plenty of swagger and charm...he never lets us forget—for all the heroizing of his fellow inmates—that McMurphy is just an average guy, mostly flying by the seat of his pants.." (Donald Brown, New Haven Review).

"Wayne Willinger plays McMurphy with steadfast energy, bad-boy charm, droll hostility and a quirky intensity that works especially well. He's a hustler and live wire about to explode, which is exactly what the part calls for." (Jim Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R)


Katya Collazo as Nurese Flinn, Patricia Randell as Nurse Ratched

“Patricia Randell's performance as Nurse Ratched ...makes this production shine. She is subtle in her tyranny and is initially hard to read - is she truly evil? Does she care about the patients or just about making their lives miserable? The fact that the audience even asks these questions is what makes Ms. Randell's performance so brilliant." (Joseph Harrison, Broadway World)

“Director Ezra Barnes works skillfully with his terrific group of actors and his team of designers. Patricia Randell is absolutely magnificent, more than able to hold her own opposite the fiery Willinger." (Zander Opper, Talkin’ Broadway)

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