Monday, November 5, 2018

Support the Arts…..VOTE

Election day is TOMORROW, but you still have plenty of time to prepare, do your homework, make a plan, and show up at the polls on Tuesday, November 6th!
As you ready for Election Day, be sure to review your voter information, including polling place and ballot questions.
Next, learn where candidates stand on the arts and arts education. ArtPride New Jersey’s website has responses to a congressional candidate survey, and Arts Ed NJ has info from a survey of school board candidates. These sources also offer an opportunity to learn more about how candidates personally engage in the arts.

Finally, make sure you’ve set reminders and scheduled time to vote on Tuesday. And, if you can fit it in, offer to drive a neighbor or friend to their polling place. Being a responsible citizen is the best form of advocacy. We hope you’ll make your voice heard and support the arts – VOTE!

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