Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey - Please Contribute Today!

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Dear Shakespeare Theatre Friend,
Greetings! This is our annual autumn letter, and please note that it is indeed a letter and not a telegram (Not that anyone, alas, sends telegrams much anymore, except in the plays on our stage!).

As always, we are reaching out to send our sincere thanks for your patronage and for the support you provide for our important work. And of course, this is the one time each year we ask directly for your help and implore you to make a donation to our Annual Appeal. We remain very proud of the fact that we do not inundate you with solicitations for support all year long, and we continue to take the risk that you'll come to our aid each fall. Because this is our one direct appeal, it is absolutely essential that we make our goal; this fundraising effort is the lifeblood of our institution, and without a positive conclusion, our work on stage and in hundreds of classrooms across the region is jeopardized.

monteoutThis year is a critical one for us. While we are soaring artistically, and our education programs continue to provide life-changing experiences for thousands of people, young and old, we are facing some financial challenges that if successfully met, will help us reach a point of true sustainability. We desperately need your help to get to that point; this annual appeal is key to that effort. The very affordable prices we charge for tickets covers only a little over half of what it costs us to function, despite the fact that we operate on an astoundingly modest budget. We are so proud of the fact that we continue to provide you with world-class productions featuring many of America's best classical theatre artists, at prices that are admirably economical for our patrons. Parking is free, the environs beautiful, and best of all, in this time of "tunnel trauma," you can see Broadway artists and Broadway quality (or better!) work without the agony of trying to navigate the crossings over or under the river to New York!

Every dollar you give to us comes right back to you with the amazing work on our stages, and I cannot stress enough how vital your help is to our healthy existence. We are a rare company; our consistent level of quality productions, our bold programming, and our exemplary work as one of the nation's few true teaching theatres all make our contribution to the region and beyond a thing of great worth that we must protect and help thrive. Your generosity is what makes all of this possible! Hopefully, at the conclusion of this fundraising drive, we can send you words of thanks via a telegram!
With much gratitude and best wishes for a lovely autumn,

Bonnie J. Monte
Artistic Director

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