Sunday, February 3, 2019

Auditions: 'Frost/Nixon' at Zenith Players of Pax Amicus Castle Theatre

Zenith Players is proud to be hosting auditions for the second production of the 2019 season, Frost/Nixon. Audition dates are February 4th and 6th. Callbacks will be held only if necessary. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.
Zenith Players pride themselves on being open to actors/volunteers of all backgrounds, races, genders, abilities. We have a strict non-discrimination policy regarding casting. We encourage all who are interested in auditioning or volunteering to arrive with an open mind. This particular production is directed by Claire Bochenek

MANOLO SANCHEZ, TECHNICIAN: Supporting, 30s - 50s. Nixon's valet of 12 years. Cuban background. May double with other featured roles
SWIFTY LAZAAR: 30 -50. Talent agent that represented authors and celebrities. Negotiated “Frost/Nixon” interviews on behalf of Richard Nixon. Bald and appears older than his actual age. Quirky. May double with other featured roles
MIKE WALLACE: Supporting, 40s - 50s. American journalist most known for being one of the original correspondents on “60 Minutes.” May double with other featured roles May double with other featured roles
JOHN BRIT: 30 -50. BBC's director of news and current affairs. Producer for the Frost team. British accent. May double with other featured roles
BOB ZELNICK: Supporting, 30 -50. Executive Editor of the Frost/Nixon Interviews. American Journalist, executive editor of the “Frost/Nixon” interviews.
CAROLINE CUSHING: Supporting, 20s - 30s. David Frost's girlfriend. Lives in Monte Carlo. Fashion model, tall and slim, very attractive. Ability to do French accent helpful. May double with other featured roles
RICHARD NIXON: 60s-70s, America’s 37th President. A tireless campaigner, a survivor of political battles.
JIM RESTON : Supporting, 30 -50. American author and journalist. Researcher for the Frost team
DAVID FROST: 30s-40s, British Journalist, comedian and host of The David Frost Show. British Accent.
JACK BRENNAN: Supporting, 30 -50. A retired US Marine Corps Reserve Officer (Colonel) and a political aide. Nixon's post-resignation chief of staff. May double with other featured roles
EVONNE GOOLAGONG, AIR STEWARDESS, WAITRESS, CAMERA 1 OPERATOR: Supporting, 20s - 30s. Top female tennis play in the 1970s.

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