Thursday, May 9, 2019

Theater Ticket Discounts available for select performances

NJartsTix: Great theatre. Great prices. No. Tunnels. Deals this weekend!

Discounts available for select performances

May 8 - 15

In order of availability

String Around My Finger

Reg. $35 NOW $26.25!

Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre
A young couple struggles to find their footing in the aftermath of a miscarriage. While Emma is still in the hospital, she and Kip try, with the help or interference of his sister, a physician's assistant and an insightful older patient, to piece together what their relationship has been and what it still might become. A quiet comedy about big choices, small kindnesses, and getting a grip on letting go.
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The Gong Show

Reg. $49 NOW $24.50!

Mayo Performing Arts Center
Part musical, part comedy, part parody, part homage, this is the theatrical adaptation of the “greatest TV show in human history”.  Featuring a permanent cast of mind-blowing talent, curated from around the globe.

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Surfing My DNA

Reg. $53 NOW $40!

New Jersey Repertory Company 
This reminiscence of a popular husband and wife nightclub act of the '40s and '50s is a story of humor, passion, and perseverance against insurmountable odds.

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Reg. $70 NOW $39!

McCarter Theatre Center
Can love erase the past? Former lovers attempt to rekindle their passionate relationship, only to find themselves locked in a dangerous battle of opposing ideologies and mutual desires.

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Morir Sonyando

Reg. $70 NOW $39!

Passage Theatre Company
Genesis left her past behind long ago. But her mother’s release from prison forces them both to confront long-buried pain – and to wonder if they can ever become a family again. Erlina Ortiz’s play lovingly illuminates the blood ties that break and bind people.

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