Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Luna Stage: Mrs Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library

We are thrilled to introduce the cast of
Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library! 
Brett Temple, Giuliana Carr and Karl Kenzler
Giuliana Carr
Carr stars as Hannah Arendt, "I admire Hannah's desire for understanding and am inspired by her refusal to be a bystander during the political darkness of Germany in 1933. It's an honor to get to know her through this process." 
Karl Kenzler
Kenzler is moved by the play’s timeliness: ”In a rapidly decaying republic, two strangers find an intimate honesty through the bars of a prison cell. It’s both harrowing and hopeful. Hannah’s story could very well be happening today."
Brett Temple
Temple’s portrayal of Karl is informed by his personal history; he is the son of a retired New Jersey police officer. “While they are very different police officers, in different times, they still follow a similar moral code and they have similar values,” says Temple. “Both put themselves on the line to help other people.”
ABOUT THE PLAY: Berlin, 1933. Martial law is in effect and political activism has become a capital crime. Karl Frick, young police officer, gets promoted from the criminal police to the newly created political division. In his first week at this new job he arrests Hannah Stern, a graduate student seen copying documents in the library. Is Mrs. Stern an innocent who pressed a button on the mimeograph machine at the wrong moment? Or is she an enemy of the state?

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