Thursday, October 10, 2019

'The Body of an American' next at Hudson Theatre Works

Y“If you do this, I will own you forever.” 

Canadian photojournalist Paul Watson is haunted by the words he heard a dead soldier say as he took the photo, in 1993, that would win him the Pulitzer Prize and reshape American foreign policy. Playwright Dan O’Brien, struggling with ghosts of his own, reaches out to Watson, and the two forge a friendship as they reckon with the traumas that have shaped their lives. “The Body of an American" is a bold, radically theatrical and poetic true story that ranges from Afghanistan and Iraq to the Canadian High Arctic. Two actors play more than thirty roles in an exhilarating new form of documentary drama. The Winner of the inaugural Edward Kennedy Prize, the Horton Foote Prize for Outstanding New American Play, and the PEN Award for Drama.
Tony Knotts (Dan) last credits include Regional: Master Harold...and The Boys (Hally), Tranquil (Aaron), Of Mice and Men (Curley), Tilt the Unlit Candle (Brenden), Enchanted Arms (Charles), (NYC Theater): Den of Thieves (Sal), Really, Really (Johnson), Claire Went to France (Johnathon), Night Blooming Jasmine (Ibrahim/Gabe), Film/TV: The Renovation (Joe), Rolling (Ben), SciFi's School Spirits (College Student), The Bar (Rob), La Traviatta (Craig). The Renovation, directed by Brian O'Neill, premiered at Lincoln Center and won The Merit Award at The Big Eddy Film Festival. 
Gregory Erbach (Paul) Co-Founder, Vice President and Producing Director of HTW. Roles include: Pockey in Hudson Theatre Works Production of Uncle Vanya, Joey in “A Steady Rain” and Lenny Smalls in Of Mice And Men; Terry Malloy in the Northeast’s premier of Budd Shulberg’s “On the Waterfront,” Art Kroeger in the critically acclaimed “The Shannon Doyle Incident” at the Samuel Beckett. 

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